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Tup Tup Tup
CK Chutiki Kondapalli (07/25/1978 / Hyderabad, India)

Tup Tup Tup

Awaking to the chirpy sound of birds
while sleeping in my cozy stuffed space
up in a red brick building
heard the tapping sound tup-tup-tup…..

Its past eight fifteen said my adult voice
“Get ready to work and dress up
don’t bother about the tup-tup-tup”

Child in me was still curious
“Never heard that sound before
except tapping water in ocean
Where is it coming from? ”

With great efforts, made my way
for the daily ritual of brushing
with sleepy eyes and bushy hair

Packing up with layers
winter cold looks like never ending
thinking of the day ahead
while pondering on what to eat

Again heard the sound tup-tup-tup
sound so in synch to
the summers in water.

Finally made it out of house
locked the door and
stepped out into the streets
to work down the lane.

Its not rain or snow
Child in me was happy
For the query of tup-tup-tup ended.

It first tapped on my head
similar to tap on head of my pal
It felt cold but it was not snow flake
It was ice: Ice falling from sky

Like rain and here I am
walking down the lane
with a smile for

“The day started with a difference”

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