Turf Fighters

Those who fight over turf.
Yet not know the value,
Or worth of the dirt.
Would be more reluctant.
To display such ignorance.
If they knew the meaning of ownership.
With an investment of common sense.
By buying the land they fight upon.
To then convince,
Those who have business interest.
With it to them shown to have known,
That a dollar put to work.
Increases the worth of it.
With a using their minds like tools.
Instead of weapons they choose to use,
Like fools.
Proving to the children,
"A mind unused IS a terrible thing to waste".
Everyday to do it.
And there is more than one reason why,
They should stay in school to learn.
And not argue with the ones who teach.
Done to imitate,
Their familiarity with stupidity.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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