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Turkey (Half-Grown Children)
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Turkey (Half-Grown Children)

Stood a turkey in the rain
dreaming of his home in Spain.
Where he would not have to face
vermin from the Banty race.
Vermin asked him 'can you take it,
or perhaps you only fake it,
I'm the king of this barnyard.'
Turkey now thought extra hard,
he could dish it out, no doubt
turkeys never had much clout
nor a brain with which to think
so he gave the boy a wink
told him 'every Banty Rooster
needs, just to survive, a booster,
step aside, I need the space...'
Rooster spat him in the face.
Moral is that Banty Chickens
spit at turkeys like the dickens.

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