GH (5/15/90 / savannah, ga)

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I was surprised, never thought i'd get caught
I've been playing hide and seek with my demons
And they've finally found me
Surprise! open the door, it's me
It will always be me, all the hype
People keep asking why
Your lifes not as perfect as it was yesterday
And days are wasting, and we have so much to say
But we keep finding ways around it
Soak up the pain, the pain that goes with silence
Such a beautiful thing, why throw it away
Shame on me for my silly doubts and insecurities
It keeps happening over and over again
I won't give up on you, not now, unless you want me to
I may be a whore, but i am forever your whore
And no matter what, you own me now, i live for you
I know somedays, you wish someone would just blow you away
Make it quick, and end your pain, but i won't, instead
I'll help you shed your dead skin
Do you hear me, can you see me, do you feel me
I'll leave footprints on your soul
And if you understand it or not, i'll wait patiently
If only you could see me when i fall
You'd know what i mean, you've invaded every part of me
Every part of me, it's why you own me
I don't want you out of my veins
You are my antidote, you are my high
It's not my nature, to apologize for who i am, but i'm sorry
Sorry for anything i ever did to displease you
I'm not jealous, i'm selfish, and thats not fair to you
I trust you, i'd put my life in your hands
And i'm already trusting you with my heart
Soon, you'll be so far away, and i'll be here
Alone, everyday, despite the many around me
But i'll have my dreams, and thats when i'll escape, into your arms
Into your shelter, don't turn away from the one that has always been here
Don't turn away form the one that loves you inside and out
I know sometimes you feel lost
And you don't know who to be, just remember
You can be your true, unguarded self with me
There is no judgement in these green eyes

by Guarded Heart

Comments (2)

...It was so....compelling, I dont know maybe I was reading to far into it, but the emotion, the sheer power of it all is breath taking, and you should finish it, i wanna know how it ends(for real) lol, but this freaking superb. The best to you and your love, The Sleeper
I really like this one! Beautiful, full of raw feeling, and well expressed. Saving it to my favorites...