Turn Back And Be My Friend -Again

Turn back
Turn …
Back a minute
And lets talk
DON’T go away
Like this …
Listen my call…

I m still aback
Shocked with the things…
How it has landed up
Like this…

I can’t believe it
I so cant believe it …

This sudden shape in our relation
Hurts me to core …
Don’t know how to rest this pain

Please come back
And explain me why
Why this pain? ? ?
Why this (>)
It is increasing hell high.

I imagined everything
To be calm…
Calm like sea

But this stormy weather
I thought would calm down

But day in and day out
The results are same
Your nature is same
You seem so detached
You make no call
And stay far
Far as much as you can be

But still I feel
There is more to talk

I can’t think
That all will end so soon

I can’t imagine
Its end so abrupt
And so bad

It was not like
It was supposed to be

The ways are still clear
But you need to draw
Some attention to them

I want to forget this dark thought
And ask you again
To come back.
Come back
In my life

Without you
I feel alone
And sad to the extend

Please turn back
And be my friend J

by Richa Dhodi

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