Turn Down The Volume

'Who wants to be stuck.
Or caught rushing...
Into the arms of another lover!
Give it time, Amanda!
Nick will not see this
As a friendship social call!
He will catch us on the Bear rug...
And assume we've had sex,
Just because we are bare ass and naked!
And since we are...let's have sex! ? '

I thought you said you were bringing something home,
That was wholesome, natural and down to Earth?

~It is, Ma!
The message is of 'piece'.
It's raw and natural!
Down to Earth...
And the video supplier says
The packing is recycable!
And you said I should say NO to sex! ?
I have!
But, Ma...
You said nothing about me watching it gettin' done!
And this ain't even 'porno' no more.~

Turn down the volume.
I will not have 'that' kind of talk spoken in my home!
And they wonder why you kids have filthy mouths today! ?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

This is a witty thoroughly believable slice of 21st century life 'in the raw'. Ah, the trials and tribulations of present day parenthood - and I'm sure ours thought the same of us! Love the way you've structured the piece and the title speaks volumes! Warmly, Alison