The Dragon Boat Festival

Poem By Luo Zhihai

a wake up call
one I never saw coming
I gave in to the craving
I never thought this would happen
for it never even crossed my mind
for I did not go deep
so why did this happen
why did I fall
why did I start to shake
why did my world just fade away
I didn’t even notice until it was all over
damn I was so wrong
I thought this would help me
I thought it would release my pain
but instead
it did a turn for the worse
it scared me
more than I have ever been scarred before
it made me realize just how alone I am
for when this happened
all I wanted was someone to be there
someone to break down to
someone to tell me I will survive
someone to turn to
and I turned and realized I have no one there
no one to turn to
for I am alone
utterly alone

Comments about The Dragon Boat Festival

u have me...though i dont know u but u can talk to me about anything in words/poem w/e u want ill be here for u :)
You have us there in spirit... That poem was beautifuly sad, I hope your lonelyness goes away soon. Smiles N Hugs Rissa: -)
sad... but try not to dwell on the past, it only causes u pain, apparently
Don't wrry i am there wenever u need me

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