Turn To The Lord Now Oh My Sheep

Turn to the Lord now oh my sheep
Turn to the Lord for there is a Satan
There is a Satan who studied the Lord
There is a Satan who stole the mysteries and has power
Oh my people turn to the Lord, repent
Oh you know not Satan's plan, he is in the process of destruct
He will destroy the earth through plastics
Satan will have the power of life, faces will be distorted
Man will go beside himself, there will be permanent slavery
Oh my sheep turn to the Lord
Satan is on the prowl
Study job you wil see the war between satan and God
Satan knows he was created under God
Satan constantly fights and jests God
There still is a war between Satan and God
Satan brought Santa Claus to destroy Jesus
Satan is trying to ruin children through Santa Claus
Oh my people renew the world with Jesus
Renew Christmas with Jesus destroy Santa Claus
The world must go on
Christmas must be only Christ
Oh my dear sheep do listen
Christmas must be Jesus
The manager must be the only focal point
Santa must be destroyed
Santa is Satanis creaion
Christ is God's creation
Turn to the Lord oh my sheep
Renew Christmas by the manger the birth of Jesus
Oh find the love of Jesus
Not a sinful image in red with white bears
It is our beautiful Saviour we must see
Christmas must go on only with Jesus
Santa must be destroyed
Oh my sheep God is love
God is tolerance is only so long
The birth of God's son is the Christmas message
Oh Satan is prowling the earth,
He is using Santa to destroy Christmas
Satan is using Santa to destroy child
Hark listen my people Christmas is Jesus.
Oh my sheep turn to the Lord now.

by Kay Frances Kizer

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