Turning 15

My life hasn't changed, but only teenager things, friends, guys, romance, lust, looks, school, doing those bad stuff, school is easy, friends complicated to understand drama, guys like me for all the wrong reasons, except one show far, lust and romance are two different things, but only get one, my looks make me look like a woman, fully developed, now doing those bad things, i try not to do it, but being reckless is who i am, wanting excitement, show me a good time, drink my pain away, having sex isn't safe anymore, drugs to hard to quiet when your life is all screwed up, turning 15 isn't like the old days, men i look for maturity, not how big you are, or how good you can pleasure me, trying new things a little scary, sneaking out to see the stars that brighten up the sky, sipping on that can of beer, crying about what you wish you could of changed sooner, get in the backseat of your car, undress to let the breeze touch my bare skin, what happened to that innocent girl i use to be, now i'm some stranger.

by Julietta Isla

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