DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

Turning Away

Can you see what I see…?
The turning away from the tears
Just because they are others and not we
There suffering is plain to see
Don’t turn away or turn the other cheek
For we are all and all are we
The suffering is of all not just meek
We see the kids starving teary
But we stand and stare the weary are more than aware
But today, is it just a dream to stop the turning away

Can you feel what I feel…..?
The pain from foreign lands is here with me today
It is here with you, but what will you do
Lend a helping hand someway or
Just shrug it off and turn away
Can we not be selfless today?
Can we not be humanity what is standing in our way?
For I see nothing that’s stops us except greed
Is it just a foolish dream, to stop the turning away
An inconceivable act of helping today

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