WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Turtledoves Now Cries

My findings are now lost in time
I will have to wait until next lifetime to find again
Gone now like the seasons
Dashed ashore by the tides of change to be smashed against the rocks of time

Gone out of my life love taken true
Winds beneath my sails are now calm as the sea in late July
My words of melancholy now fall on deaf ears
Sacrifice the moments gone by

New days has dawned and behind left the soul of my true content
Ever more I should try before I die
Desists yet my wondering soul for I have lost true love gone bye
Wait no more for my heart has been plundered

My dreams dashed and pillaged I seek no more in vein
Trod on lonesome soldier for tomorrow was never promised to I
Left now are memories of days spent in my happiness
Disillusion is what I see for my tender years to come

Woe for I miss the days when life zest blossomed especially
Years so precious can never renew
Forged alliances now in dismay
The hour is upon us all now
No longer for the taking for turtledoves now cries

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