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Tv Has Control
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Tv Has Control

In this poem you may laugh
Words of wit, a rhetorical gaff

Thinking about things that stay
Scare tissue and perverted ways

A thought deep inside your mind
Her sweet breast, round behind

Some say life just fades away
Like sunset, at end of day

What is life you may ask
More than wine in a flask

Look at the sea watch it roar
She can be a psychological whore

What about that voice in your head
A whisper soft, then it fled

Maybe you should listen a little closer
Avoid the mental toaster

Is there anything you learn
Trying to avoid the burn

The TV has killed them all
Brain washed children of the fall

Dew of the night has soaked the grass
Like homeland security watching your ass

All the cameras all around
Paranoia through the town

Choppers fly in the sky
Internment camps the people die

All this trash will come to an end
Pray that Yahweh is you friend

Goodbye for now, it’s not a joke
Just try to warn you folk

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