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Twarted Tiger.
LM (02/09/81 / Australia)

Twarted Tiger.

Poem By Liz Munro

Tiger hunting in dark of night,
Keenful eyes keeping it's prey in sight,
hidden in the long grass, crouching low,
waiting to deliver it's fatal blow.

Moon watches tiger with a glint in his eye,
illuminates crouched tiger to all prey nearby,
tiger growles at the moon as he shakes his furry head,
and on an empty stomach takes himself off to bed.

tuesday 1st november,2005.

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Comments (3)

Enjoyed the poem very much. It would be even better if you fixed three little mistakes: 1) line 2 should have ITS instead of IT'S 2) line 4 (same mistake as line 2) 3) line 7 GROWLS instead of GROWLES
Love it, Liz - i can just see my cat doing this right now :)
i wrote this one for simon after getting his message. I've just discovered personification. This poem will give you a laugh.