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'Twas Not I

What have you to say for yourself, sir?

'Twas not I,
For I had seen him
Alive that morn'

'Twas not I,
Who stabbed him,
Though and through,
And caused his
Scarlet blood to flow!

'Twas not I,
For though,
I've thought a thought or two,
And may have,
Wished him dead...
'Twas not I

'Twas not I,
Could not have been,
For I was nowhere near,
That bloody scene.
Just ask me missus.

How many times must I proclaim...
'Twas not I! ! !

Is this not your dagger, then?

What are you talkin' about?
Why, my dagger's,
Right here within it's sheath...
That cannot be! !
What have you done?
You're framing me? !

Your clothes are blood soaked sir!

What, what do you mean...
How can this be?
What have I done?
What, in God's name,
Have I done? ?

You've killed him!

Is this possible,
That I could carry,
So much hatred,
So much detest,
To have commited,
Such a vile act? !
And yet-not known...

I need to retch.
What cursed beast,
Do I become,
When drink,
Becomes my crutch?

June 5th,2006 by Dee Daffodil (H.W)

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A miniature drama. Put together with great skill. No words wasted. And two defendants in the dock at the end of the day. The drink and the drinker. Good writing as ever Dee. xx jim
beautifully written as to how the man belies himself at times at the altar of truth even if the rythm innate surges within to confess where the travesty of truth is blazed up, really excellent
OK Dee.....I have to confess it may have been I......excelent write
wow. i still have chills. wonderful write.
You're good.
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