'Twas The Night

'Twas the night before Christmas
When all through the casa
No bugger was stirring
Whassap'nin' - ¿qué pasa?

The rich dozing peacefully had not a care
Neurotics were hanged by the dozens elsewhere
Their pain at an end; death twisting their features
Now hark at the suffering of your god's creatures

The old biddies' ward at the clinic was full
Incontinents past the point of being pointful
They ranted and raved all the thoughts in their mind
Not a single iota of sense you could find

The orphanage children all snug in their beds
Tears of the abused rolling down abused heads
Supernatural the being that witnessed each crime
Unmoved by our tears since the dawning of Time

He supervised carnage, destruction and death
No respite but Eager, all-conquering Death
He witnessed them all; every child rape in history
Yet moved not a finger; his movements a mystery

This preference to move in mysterious ways
Will mystify me to the end of my days
No supervision; no 'god' that can feel;
No sexual mandate; no real estate deal

No mental commandments; tyrannical orders
Not a care for our world and its mammal-made borders
Cease and desist with your mandatory jollity
Mandatory love and compulsory frivolity

Eternal hellfire and torture and pain
You call your god loving? I call him insane
No celestial Hitler demanding our love
Preaching division from heaven above

Nearly all of the creatures that lived are extinct
'His' plan's not divine but it's rather distinct
The Golden Rule's innate; you've all been hoodwinked
Dark versus light; we all choose our instinct

The fat Nordic myth man; it must be Saint Nick
The mandatory jollity's making me sick
Now kill all the turkeys and strangle the chickens
Rejoice in redemption of Scrooge in your dickens
Tell me I'm mirthless and joyless - a fool!
Tell me tyrannical Big Brothers rule
But please forget not; we are all that we've got
Be nice to each other and forget it not

Now Christians; now Muslims; now Jews and impious
Now all of you mammals; no need to be biased
We're none of us disparate materially
We Are All One; are you listening to me?

Consciousness; eyes; our magnificent brain!
The only miracles worthy of the name
How do we cherish this glorious gift?
In war and in hatred, division and rift

The tribalist is part of our species' infancy
Squalling, divisive; a stain upon decency
Intimate love is a powerful force
Love for all creatures should direct your course

'Twas the night before Christmas; cold was the night!
The shining stars were all alight
Majestic, the cosmos, of which we're a part
Wise to be wary but open your heart

Now spring into action and be of good cheer!
Not for myths or for gluttony; see now, see here:
Each day is a miracle; full of delight!
To all of Team Human; be merry, good night!

by Daniel Stephen Fletcher

Comments (2)

Pretty good take on the Twas the night theme.
A poignant philosophical piece with beautiful rendition of words, embellished in poetic rhyme and rhythm. A witty reflection on life with a call for universal brotherhood of man. Thanks a million times Daniel for this insightful poem.