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'Twas Unrequited Love

If you think love is not blind look no further than Joe
He fell madly in love about ten years ago
'Twas unrequited love as him she did not wish to know
Each time he asked her on a date her answer to him always no.

She never led him on she told him to his face
In my life for you Joe there will never be a place
My soldier fights in war and to him I'll stay true
One day I will be his wife I love him and not you.

He knows of the ache of love it lasted for some time
And now he's thirty five and past his physical prime
And still a single man his hair starting to gray
And time for no one wait the clock it ticks away.

Her soldier he came home she is his wife today
With a four year old girl and another on the way
She did not mislead Joe she said no from the start
Though unrequited love is heavy on the heart.

His love for her still lives though the love ache is gone
Love's feeling never dies it keeps on living on
But life it must go on such is the way of life
The only one he loved is some one else's wife.

by Francis Duggan

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