Tweaking To Update

Tweaking to update,
What has been created.
Is not pioneering.
Or is it innovative.
This is an act of selective imitation.
And is no different,
Than someone who discovers a map.
To examine it.
With a different and easier,
Faster route to add.
Disregarding a destination reached,
Had dirt paths turned into paved roads.
Surrounding that destination,
Many decades ago.
But another still campaigns.
About their aches and pains.
Blood, sweat and tears.
Just to have it perceived,
Their discovery is original.
And deception free.
With it left to have the originator,
To have hopes no one else,
Did research to know who...
Traveled the path.
Paved the roads.
Then hid the map they made.
That someone else had found.

"Excuse me.
As you can see.
All of us are thrilled,
About your announcement of a discovery.
Who took the pictures,
Of the Chinese, Aztec Indians...
Africans and Mexicans.
Being chased into the wilderness.
By those dudes mounted on horses.
Was that after or before,
Your aches and pains.
Or during your sweating,
All that blood and tears.
I have the pictures right here.
You want to see them? "

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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