Tweet-Tweet! I Visited A Hamlet With A Gentlefolk

Fact or fancy, I visited antiquated hamlets
I could see the masses and the grasses!
Wind was flirting with flowers
without being namby-pamby folk has calm faces!
Flowed Rivers, lakes, streams and rills
above the leaves lotuses, on the banks daffodils,
in villages flourished multifarious arts
Glissading creepers under the tree bowers
to the tunes of breeze, added beauty fountains
The clouds were the white dressed mountains
there were cattle, sheep, goat, and cock fights!
Peacocks jived in beautiful places before my eyes
Sparrows and parrots were flying in the skies!

In the girls' braids roses, boys has armlets
Days were admixture of hot and cold
Moon shone brightly and bold!
Ants appeared in beeline on idle ground
the villagers go round as in merry-go-round
No courts worked nor judges lived with ties-
People feared deities so did their duties.
huts didn't have doors and many goods
Bullock carts would run on the village roads!

On special days villagers organized fairs
guava were tasted by the parrots!
Squirrels would run over telephone wires
on trees-children swung did no blunders
Simple villages have greatest wonders!
Compare & contrast with modern which rots

Villages changed to cities where man fear
and lead life of worries and tears
See the miserable heartless harsh city lights
Night pub sounds are only good to devils in plights!

by Harindhar Reddy

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