Making Fun

Do you enjoy while making fun?
Do you fear while pointing a gun?
Where you ever chased or made a run?
If not, then you are exceptionally only one

We forget while making fun at other
Care not for feelings and never bother
When we face the same situation one day?
We feel hell let loose and no hope of ray

We have no grief over thousands who perish
Take all kind of life risks which endanger and finish
Still life goes on and nothing stops
Show also goes on and never flops

Physical injury can be recovered
New stars can also be discovered
Bitter words or ill feelings pinch us most
May deliver a blow at personal cost

Why don’t we care and respect the honour
Whether family members, tenants or owner?
Let us be the first to repair the damage
Worst crisis face and try to manage

You may think race is over and won
May not realize ill feelings and frown
They will not hesitate to bring you down
Time is not far when completely disowned

It is better soon to be realized
Recover fast before you are marginalized
Let whole blame passes and generalized
With less discomfort and not much penalized

Learn quickly and forget so soon
Enjoy the day light and night with moon
Life may seem sweet and worth to enjoy
This is how we adopt to live with joy

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

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