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Twelve And Two Thirds

Here's a ten,
there's a ten,
every one is giving ' tens'!

I know that I deserve an eight,
O.K. - - - I would be happy with a six on that,
please be honest with us!

Just look through the archives,
Re - read those 'tens',
did you really think so?
I did not really think so!

Nice is nice - - -
but, honest is honest!

The 'tens' are very rare from me,
but when there is one,
be assurred... it is deserved!

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Any relation to G.R. Van Allen?
Connie, Positive reinforcement is certainly good. Constructive criticism can be of value as well. I have found that the world holds very little in the way of ' black and white'. Very little in the way of 'good and bad'. ' Yes' and 'No'! - - - there are a lot more 'Maybes' and shades of gray than anything else. I DO agree that there is no value in being cruel. I can only speak for myself ... but, I think that I would prefer to hear things said to my face, than not hear what is said behind my back. In that spirit, I will not give your comment a '10' - - - instead, I will give it...12 and 2 / 3! B.V.A.
On '10'. If you rate a poem from 1-10, well, I just don't bother rating them if I don't think it is a 10. I just read lots of poetry and if I really like it, well, a 10 is posted. :) Sincerely, Connie Webb PS I believe in positive reinforcement and if a poem is good, it is good, so why bother with a lower number. And in the long run, it really is hard to judge art. I was in an art class and we never got a letter grade. We either passed or had to work on it a bit more. :) Anyway, liked your thoughts here.