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Twelve Months On
AC (6th August,1945 / Melbourne, Australia)

Twelve Months On

Poem By Alison Cassidy

A year ago,
the surgeon
(in the coolest glasses
and Armani suit)
said he’d ring
the moment he was done.

A year ago,
the patient,
shaved and gowned and terrified,
clasped my face,
as they trolleyed him
through the grim green doors.

A year ago,
the children
danced my heart out
and helped me still my silly mind,
as the obstinate hours
tick tick ticked
tick tick tocked.

A year ago,
the phone
refused to ring -
and six
and seven
and eight
went dawdling by.

A year ago,
I rang
Intensive Care
and heard the words
that sent my heart a-thumping
with relief.

I wonder if the surgeon
(in the coolest glasses
and Armani suit)
knew how much
his silence mattered.

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Wonderful poem, packed with emotion. Congrats on having it chosen as poem of the day.
Congrats on poem! and getting poem of the day! well done!
Powerful, powerful, powerful poetry! Such an intense human moment written in a true modernistic approach without the banality that so many others tend to mistake modernism for.... Incredibly powerful emotion here and descriptors of all life's communications - like expensive sunglasses and Armani suits. Though silent they definitely communicate through screams, don't they? You have pieced this together so very well. Very, very impressed......!
Well said. This actually happened to me too.
Well said. This has actually happened to me.
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