Twelve Prayers

Poem By Taher Shemaly

A ye my mate come with yer smile
Come to me and listen to my rhyme
'Tis for ye I made over the distant mile
And health for ye to be, all over the time

May Eanáir be the one to thee
May its coldness never gets to thee
May the sun never leaves the sky of thee
Agus slán duit as mo chroí

May Feabhra whites be upon yer heart
May its snows melt around thee in ease and part
May the birdies come to ye from here and there and the counterpart
Agus gach daoine a channadh leat

May Márta springs fill yer heart with bliss
May Pádraig take ye with his bless
May the green be around ye and never ends
Agus slán duit leis an glas

May Aibreán breezes refresh yer soul
May its flowers be always in yer hall
May the dew drops come to yer bowl
Agus do cheol a sheinneadh go mall

May Bealtaine warms yer heart coldness
May its sun tickle yer soul and boldness
May the grace and love fill up yer loneliness
Agus ní fhaca tú aon ness

May Meitheamh reveals its warmth upon thee
May progress and fame to thee it must be
May tiredness never get to know thee
Agus áthas ar do chroí

May Iúil to thee give the kindness
May the heart of thee never lie in darkness
May the sun light forever be yer guidance
Agus ní fhaca tú aon diúnas

May Lúnasa sun never burns thee
May its rays for yer heart as light would be
May yer bags be full of the shiny
Agus grá a shíneadh do do chroí

May Meán Fómhair yellows never reach thee
May falling leaves in yer garden never be
May the love in yer heart lavish with its bounty
Agus beannachtaí as spéirí

May Deireadh Fómhair for yer crops never be the last
May ye overcome troubles o' the very past
May magic over thee never gets a cast
Agus do do chroí creideamh gan dabht

May Samhain coldness endear thee
May green leaves never leave thy tree
May the friends surround thee with thy family
Agus d'ádh a bhfuil fathaigh

May Nollaig happiness for thee never leaves a bit
May winnings for thee come with every bet
May yer heart be in its best
Agus Nollaig Shona dhuit

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