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Twelve Red Roses
TM ( / England)

Twelve Red Roses

Poem By Tia Maria

My love must have jinxed it
When he nonchalantly said
That there is nothing
He would not do for me
But sent delivery guy instead

Climb the highest mountain
Sail the stormiest of seas
That's what the poor delivery guy
Literally had to go through today
In order to get my surprise to me

The sky turned to night at midday
And in seconds trees came down
Felt like James Bond as I drove
Racing around all kinds of obstacles
And dodging missiles out of town

My home could not be seen for
Alas the towering old wild fig
Finally bid us all farewell today
Lay to rest on my neighbours bed
And left devastation all around

As I was attempting to clean up
I suddenly heard somebody say
Looks like you could do with these
Roses with love from your poetry man
He could not have chosen a better day

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Comments (3)

It was a do or die mission they knew the score, must get through to a sweet ladys door...; -) Andy 10
Lovely poem. Really roses to u.
That was lovely and you deserve them my friend 10 Chris