(04 October 1943 / Germany)

I Am A Word Smith

I am a Word Smith
a spinner of words

Sometimes they entreat you
other times haunt you

There are even times of arousal
so strong the reader is moved....

I love it when women get it
and the men do not

At the moment I believe the ladies
are far more in tune

They yearn for the sounds
I write to be spoken to them

I write temptation poetry
for two main reasons

First for the woman who longs
to hear them spoken just to her

Secondly for the guy who doesn't
have a clue, but wishes
he had them to tell his love

Word Smith is an ancient form
of artistry used throughout the ages

I spin my tales because of the love
I feel from the artwork as my muse

Most of all I spin and weave words
because it lifts someone's day
just a bit and I feel fulfilled

Words are golden threads waiting +
to be spun out into poetic verse

I weave them to create memories
and ease the weary mind, but most of all

Because it is such a pure way of giving
someone love's Temptation Poetry


by G.B. Smith

Comments (4)

Lamont, my intention was to portray the indignation of reality. Would not change a thing. H
Just 'twenty-five years...? Someone deserves an award! LSP
And who is the goony bird? A goon species? Not perturbed and happy, H
Good rhymes and easy metre (short lines) all blend to make this poem a success whether one likes rhyme or not. This truth packaged carefully in a lot of fun. Thanks. Raynette