(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Twenty Years Ago

I kiss you
on the lips.

You cry.

“That’s how I thought
you would kiss me

years ago! ”

“But you never did! ”

“Why...didn’t you! ”

“You were my best friend’s

“I was only your best friend’s friend
so I could be
near you! ”

“I didn’t...know! ”

“I didn’t know...you didn’t know! ”

“But you
married him! ”

“I know...I know...
but that was just to get back at you
for not kissing me like that! ”

Oh! Her story
of our history

grieves me.

She cries.

Turns to go.

I hold her.

Kiss her.

But she says “No...

you robbed me of my future

years ago! ”

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Time past, chances missed, feelings misunderstood? Haven't we all been there? Do we not all have regrets about missed opportunities? Wonderful, thought provoking write!
:) an old refrain “You were my best friend’s friend”, but interpreted in your own lovely way