(18 January 1982 - / Pretoria, South Africa)


Realm of thought
Shaken to distraught.
Revelation newly caught
Dawning now a twilight on my thought.

Devious circles twining tongues.
Smashing again and again against
A wall that forths no gain.

Efforts fall helplessly
One by one
Each and every one
Into a never-ending path
That lead to no good seed.

Action, reaction then miscontraction
Pile the future up, towering
A Babylon of merciless dissatisfaction.

Phrases recaught which previously fought.
Fights previously thought
Now presently brought.

Will in my chest this torture ever cease?
Or torch away my breath my heart
Will be us
Or yet
A wall
Fall apart?
A nightfall or dawn, make this twilight depart.

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