Time passes.....
And still we fail to see
How brief is our mortality;
Days flow
In habitual, mindless haze
Yet always aware
In unconsious ways-
The clock ticks on;
The sun rises,
The sun sets-
Another day lost forever
And still we fail to see
How brief is our mortality;
The baby cries,
The old man dies-
Birth and death,
Life's accomplishments along the way
Mark time by memories;
Always tomorrow comes
Unbidden, endless days
And still we fail to see
How brief is our mortality;
Awake! Toss back the covers of indifference-
Breathe the fragrance of existence,
Savor the banquet of Life,
Visualize the inner beauty of creation-
Listen with a passion of the heart
And feel from the depths of the soul,
For this is our mortality.....
No matter how brief.

by Linda Ori

Comments (5)

Very well done Linda. You're a terriffic writer.....! ! ! Keep up the great work. Best regards, Trade.
Like you Linda I'm very time conscious. It doesn't make me use it any better though. But sometimes I wonder if trying to use it to the full, being aware of it, actually accelerates the process - subjectively of course. I'm rabbitting here because this is such a fine piece of thought provoking poetry. It's actually turned my thoughts to a little known song by Jackson Browne, called Our Lady of The Well, (From For Everyman - 1973 - Asylum) which effectively contrasts elements of the modern world/ llife, with what must be a 'primitive' group of people whose 'families work the land as they have always done (Oh look how far the other way my country's gone) , And I often think that the pace and pressure of modern life has a rushing effect on the whole living process. I could be talking rubbish, and am maybe just attracted to the simple Arcadian life - no, not maybe, definitely. Whatever, I love the poem anyway for what it touches and provokes in me. Strong writing from a concerned heart. (Maybe we need the medical profession to give us another 20 - 30 years extra to compensate - on top of what we already have gained that is! !) xxx jim
Beautiful and lyrical obsevation on the passing of ages, quite complete.
AH, THE DARK SIDE..SHINES SO EVERBRIGHT WITH YOUR MASTERFULL IMAGERY...DOCTOR SAYS: TEN er 'UP! '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''~F. J. R.~'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
Excellent! the sadest and the brief the end? An inner cry.