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The warm air stays amongst the shrubs as the daily
flowers close their buds.The sun has gone like a falling
crown to make way for the moon with that familiar frown.
This is the time when the air smells sweet and frogs come
out and dance at your feet. Honeysuckle and roses all in full
bloom, swaying in the breeze so you inhale the perfume.
Swallows flying in the sky catching insects as they fly.
Soft rain is falling but not for long, because the nightingale
is still singing his song.The day is long in the Twilight Zone
but this is a time when you should be alone
To spend time with the stars that are now peeping through,
into a sky that has now changed to midnight blue.

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Comments (5)

Delicious Sylvia, perfect in every way. A beautiful poem with a wonderful flow. Loved it. Loved it. Love Ernestine XXX
Pure magic, Sylvia. This is a wonderful word painting. Love, Sandra
The best of Sylvia Spencer is shining though as bright as the moon against the midnight blue! Absolutely beautiful! 10.
Sylvie, I love your sincereity. Beautiful words and great rhyme.Well done. SEE you aint got wb! xx
Sylvia, you have composed in recent works a style that is completely your own, and completely brilliant. Now stop it. I hate jealously in myself! ! ! ! ! (Only joking. About the 'stop it', that is) .