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HK (14 September 1998 / Guwahati, Assam, INDIA)



As the sun says ‘good-bye’
And the moon says ‘hi’
I can see through my window
The arrival of twilight.

The children are rushing
On the way through their homes
Their mothers are waiting
Standing in the lawns.

I could see the dark sky
Seems as the black hairs of the moon
And its shining round-white face
Looking at me with joy.

It was very warm
To stand in the balustrade
And talk with the moon
The white-beauty of the night.

I tried to call her
And ask her to stay with me
We’ll talk of the happy days
That have passed in our lives.

In a corner of my garden
In the branch of a mango tree
I can see a little swallow
Enjoying the scene with glee.

The moon is slowly rising
On top of my head
And glittering the ground
As a silver land of my dreams.

That moment I reckoned
That the twilight is nothing
But a sudden relief
After the departure of the evening.

-Haniyah Kayan-

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Great poem! Reminds me of when I first started writing poetry (at about same age as you are) . Keep writing!