'Twixt a smile and a tear,
'Twixt a song and a sigh,
'Twixt the day and the dark,
When the night draweth nigh.

by Paul Laurence Dunbar Click to read full poem

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A small but beautifully composed verse.
To the day of our love. A very delightful poem. Thanks for sharing.
To the day of our love! ! Thanks for sharing.
Philosophy of life and death explained in a simple and superb manner. Thanks for sharing it here.
When the night draweth nigh Ah sunshine may fade From the heavens above No twilight have we To the day of Love- - - - On the Day of Love- -there is no twilight, no smile, no tear.Smile and tear vanish and merge into one.It is the final day on earth.
yea the day of love comes unexpectedly.