Twilight By The Finnow

The small brown lark was caroling as upwards he did fly
An unseen speck of music in the gray evening sky
And in the rushy old field the lowing of a cow
Did fill the evening silence near the waters of Finnow

I only have the memories of the what used to be
And time keeps ticking on and on it does not wait for me
And the years have left me far south and many miles away
From the old fields by the river at the twilight of the day

The marvelous gift of memory is an amazing thing
It can transport one far distant to a twilight of the Spring
In fancy i can hear the babble of the river just after sundown
In that beautiful old countryside just west of Millstreet Town

The bigger World was calling i had dreams to pursue
But the now is what does matter so happens to be true
Though memories last a lifetime and i recall today
Of twilight by the Finnow on an evening in May.

by Francis Duggan

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