MKA (On a cozy Monday in the soft month of December / Beneath the stars)

Twilight Kisses

Confine me with your twilight kisses,
Enfold me with the lights of your soul,
Encircle me with your warm smiles,
Tonight and every night as the drift comes.
Contain me, pull me closer,
Speak a million words for me,
Kiss me with your tenuous lips and
Dream and dream with me.
Make me appetent as you reach for my hands,
Conceal my eyes with your lure
As we vividly float into the beauty of the day.
Place me within a bubble and
Let me be blown away by the beauteous breeze,
Place your hand in mine and
Fall in ardor.
Come to me when dusk is silently slithering,
Hiss and enthrall me
As we lose control and abate into each other.

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