Twilight Romance

Sitting- cuddling each other
Whispering- knowing there’s no other.
Our words to ourself, laughter
to the world released after.

Eyes turned up to stars
I compare my lass
with the heavenly mass-
though unnumbered, she’s in higher class.

I am her hero
as moon stands like zero
in the dark cloud as hero.
I secure her in the bistro.

Two at a dinner table
with a single candle
producing glittering light unstable
food, love words all in ample.

Lying refreshed in bed.
For sleep? No, play instead.
With assurance no one is led
we create an intimate stead.

Sugar stick in honey pot
love’s cooked really hot
with little muttering shout
fire burns slowly out.

by Kctony Xtopher Nkwocha

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