WLL (12th March 1963 / Liverpool)

Twilight Whispers

Listen, carefully
can you hear?

the twilight whispers
in your ear

The sounds of her darkness
brings you near

makes you wonder
in awe and fear

And fascination
of the starry light

twilight whispers
mysterious sight

Shadows forming
here and there

twilight whispers
in the air

You walk the night
the velvet sky

enthroned with stars
so bright so high

A gleaming array
of Nature's clothing

she disrobes at night
before day is dawning

As the twilight whispers
gently in your ear

embrace her darkness
do not fear

Walk with her
kiss her, sweet

Upon the grass
you place your feet

Listen can you hear
the twilight whispers

As your human lips
come out to kiss her

{c} 2007
All Rights Reserved

by Wayne Leon Learmond

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