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Twin Flames
CC (05-28-62 / Dearborn Michigan)

Twin Flames

Poem By connie crane

I am here Beloved,
Warm and welcoming.
My heart is open.
Come in and be at home.

I will hold you,
And we will sit by the fire,
Of my desire for you,
Until its warmth infuses us,
Both with passion,
And just sitting here by the fire,
No longer satisfies us.

Then we will move like the oceans tide,
The ebb and flow of our love,
Mingling together.

You will move,
And I will move,
To meet you.

Our spirits like bodies that sway,
And toward each other,
With passion,
And with purpose.

Our spirits, unlimited by bodies,
Will mingle like the smoke,
Of twin flames burning close together.

My passion rests warmly,
Upon the hearth of my heart,
But your passion,
Is the spark,
That ignites this fire,
And causes it to burn so brightly.

So we dance in the middle of the night.
For us the night is very bright,
As the super nova of passion within us,
Explodes and fills us with ecstasy.

An ecstasy that is not fleeting,
Or for a moment, but is,
Filling eternity.

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