With The Starting Of The Holy Month Of Ramadan

Ramadan will start sooner or later With the seeing of the visible crescent with Our naked eyes anytime, We only start fasting this pretty holy month With only seeing the crescent and it expires With the seeing of the crescent with one's naked eyes And to take an oath about seeing clearly the crescent, We, as adults, start fasting this holy month on a daily basis From a certain appointed time to a certain appointed time On condition that someone is not sick or he travels to a place That scholars say that he should not fast, We willingly abstain not just from foods or drinks, but from All that satisfies God (Allah) , Patience is needed in this holy month because It needs one to be a good example in fasting and in performing Everything that is needed, Fasting this holy month is healthy simply Because our bodies need rest on all levels, Fasting is not torturing one's self, but On the contrary to habituate one's self On doing good things on all levels, In fasting, all able people (the faithful) share the same Rich or poor anytime, Fasting is protecting our bodies from diseases, so We fast willingly and wonderfully, This month is very special on all levels, so We benefit from being patient and to behave well, Foods and drinks are presented accurately and taken According to what we benefit from only, We're fasting very long, long hours which helps Us keeping a very good and healthy body, Spiritually, we're elevated with comfort and with relaxation, This period of fasting helps us getting out of Ramadan With good health and with good manners, so Only those who fast the pretty month of Ramadan know Its great fruits they reap them every year.


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