Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Oh how the beautiful memories flood
this Mom's heart, those ivories danced
at the command of your fingers, as the
music would start. Your little feet not
long enough to even touch the pedals or
floor, but nothing was more beautiful,
just watching you play, it is these
memories that this Mom adores.

I would stand back in silence, as I
watched you perform, your golden hair
pulled back, a halo you adorned. Little
curls to be seen as they danced about
your face, nothing more precious, as
your Mom's heart you graced. Each day
I listened as tears of joy did fall,
playing to the Heaven's, performing
for us all.

Day after day, practice it would take,
you gave it your all as you played
those tunes, Years passed and I
watched you grow, still carressing
those ivories like no one I know.
Your devotion, your love, for the
music you created on those keys,
still linger through this place,
but the silence brings these
tears, that fall upon my face.

Yet in the still of the night I can
hear my angel play, playing for the
angel's now, play dear child play!
I just know you have brought many
smiles to all up there, as your
lovely music with the Heaven's you
share. The stars dance each night, the
moon shining it's love so bright, as I
know the Heaven's bow to my little
star tonight.

I can hear your music in the song's of
the birds, I can see your graceful
smile as the flowers bloom in the
Spring, Oh how sweet, as I hear
Heaven's angels in your glory sing.
'Twinkle twinkle little star, Your
Mom hears your music from afar, up
above the sky so high, my little
diamond there in the sky.'

by Ruth warren

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What a wonderful memories of a loved one and a way to make something so sad - beautiful! Hugs to you. Sincerely, Connie Webb