You don't know me!

You're the one that don't know me.'

You don't know me!
You're the one!
You don't know me.
You 'think' you do.
And that's your problem.

Let's settle this right now.
I carried the both of you...
For nine excrutiating months.
You are TWINS.
If anyone wishes they had amnesia...
Guess who that would be?
I want the both of you to watch that TV.
And leave it...
On one channel.
Is that clear?
Or I'll be in there to remind you who I am.~

'Gee, Mahhh! '

~Gee hell!
You kids are getting on my last nerve.~

Dedicated to...
My twin sisters Tammy and Lisa.
Very few knew them apart...
When they were young ladies growing up,
And struggling for their own separate identities.

'Love you T and Doc'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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