One talks, the other listens;
One runs, the other dreams;
Each perfect body glistens
One quarter from my genes.

One half from our quick fusion –
Once met, forever one;
Fact firm despite confusion
Generationally run;

Winds rage and tempests gather,
Minds part, return reborn,
Lips kiss and tempers lather
Fine intentions writ and torn;

Twin tiny pods exploding,
Our little buds in bloom;
Wide eyes and smiles imploding
All atoms in our room.

Trash all our deviations,
Seal all our rights and wrongs,
Fuse all imaginations,
Put love where love belongs,

Twice, twice we are rewarded,
When, how do we deserve
Such nods from God awarded –
Why lead us to observe

Sweet promise, sweet affections,
Past to future, future bound,
Despite our mad defections
Immortality rebound?


by Linda Hepner

Comments (5)

lovely....there is a twin twin rhythm about the poem very nice.
An exceptional write. Susie xxx.
Sensual, wild. -T. Bell
I've enjoyed the rhythm and the rhyme here, Lind, but your diction is normally stronger than it is here. A more than competent piece, though, easily. Love, Gina.
Beautiful Linda, just beautiful. Hugs Anna xxx