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Twist In The Black Forest
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Twist In The Black Forest

It's the peppermint twist
and those were the days
it was dark when we kissed
in the Black Forest Haze.

Could you ever forget
how your dad greeted us
as he sat on the stairs,
I went home on the bus?

Oh those childish times,
we obeyed all the rules
as I write down these rhymes
I can tell we were fools.

When I next travel south
to the Forest's green fringe
could I borrow your mouth,
can we go on a binge?

Just to make up for those
days of innocent touch
I will bring you a rose
reminiscence as such.

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Comments (7)

enjoyable read laced with vivid imagery. fine work, Herbert. -Tailor B.
Perhaps a course for beginners in spelling and basic English, ask at the local community college, they'll take most anyone. There are people on this site who are more on your level intellectually (not sure if the word is not being prostituted this way) , why don't you read their 'poems'? You should never stray outside your league, tsk, tsk.
Herbert, hes so paraniod he thinks its him I dont like instead of his poems. I give his poems 1s cause most of them like this goofy trifle deserve ones. Him I can take or leave. PS
Oh, yes. You could take your little yellow VW, take Highway 2 and head toward Issaquah.Or Preston. Just an idea. H
Thank you both. Kathleen, it has a low rating because there are some tiny minds crawling in the attic of poemhunter who are quite capable, with a little help from a manual and their friends, to mark ones to the poems of people they are envious of. Don't worry, ignore the numbers. If you see Pradeep's positive comment under a poem it is a decent one. H
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