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Twisted Feelings For You...

I have been searching deep inside my heart
Looking to see if you are a big part
The more I look for answers the more questions find
If I don’t still like him then why is he still on my mind
Dreams fill my head all through the night
I just know I will fall from a height
All my friends say they will catch me if a fall
Well what if none of them saw? ? ?
I could let him in my heart once more
But will I end up hurt like so many times before?
You always know how to get me to smile
Even though when i’m with you I feel like i’m on trial
I cannot keep anything for you
But are you always and forever true
I have been looking threw my mind and soul
Will you be able to pull me out of this dark hole
We have proven to make it threw that fall
But should we come out on top with it all
Could we still hold on to each other for a little longer?
Can we just start over and let us get stronger?
You have made me cry…but now could you make my eyes dry?
You weren’t here when I fell apart…but you’re the only one that can heal this broken heart…

by Michelle Guza

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Beautiful darling, I love it.