Twisted Tongues

Poem By Rafal Dlugosz

Twisted Tongues

No matter what time the voices are clear.
Everyone hears it from the time they awake.
Faceless voices whispering start rocking our faith.
Great power and pleasures are promised if we just make that mistake.
A soul for ones desires, who needs it anyway.

Trust me you are special, the chosen one.
But then again, tell that to all, all the ones having fun.
Playing in the underground playground were greed runs rampant.
Where the slightest good deed is taken for granted.
Number one in his books is where you will stand.
Until you ask him to meet your demands.

Feeding off your anger, the voice makes it clear.
You are number one now don’t have no fear.
The path has been made, now just sit there and steer.
But watch for the light, because that’s what we fear.

So anything goes when the darkness is here.
Its all fun and games just ignore all those tears.
Do as you please and carve away.
Those innocent souls aren’t important to us anyway.
But sorry my friend this was all one big lie.
You fell for my trick, so this is the final good-bye.

By: Rafal D

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A very interesting poem. Thanks.

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