Twisted Trees

Walking in the woods, I’ve seen

The twisted trees

Wound and bound, by natures marriage

Two young saplings
Turned and twisted
Now joined, growing separated, but together
Now ten feet tall, still small enough to untwist
But, why should we?

As they grow, I don’t know, I’M sure,
The trunks will propagate as one
I need a better camera, and breed a picture, to
Put my verses overlaid, for you to see

As I sat there,
Then, I remembered,
It’s my fault,

I twisted the trees - by my hands, this was done
Now, there unable to leave the other,
Even if they wanted to,
The scare of the twist, would remain

The twisted trees
Wound and bound, by natures marriage, except
By my hands

If you wish to see the trees
You’ll need to squish, the trail hard
Send me a message
I’ll dispatch directions

Twisted Trees
DEC 10,2015

by Thomas Plotz

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Excellent poem dipped in love for nature and it's bounty, making it's objects play mates. Thanks for sharing.10 points.