Twisted Words

The pressure is getting to be thick
And I can barley see
The clouds have turned gray
And just the ones that hang over me
Life is like a game
I try to explain
And it seems as if I’m only wasting away from in
People’s doubts have brought me down
And I can’t see to get up, I've failed at succeeding
While trying my best but no one seemed to notice
I’m chocking from the stress
My thoughts are now a drift
And I seem to be exactly what everyone tells me
What can I say when there is nothing to be said?
Because now I know there are some people who are just better off dead
And you would say “do you speak of yourself”
Now why would imply that your just making me melt
See I’ve never doubted what I’ve done until people thought my actions were redundant and basically dumb
People as you have said too much to people like me who have never seemed to do enough
I don’t plead with anyone id lose myself respect
But now I know that doesn’t matter when you asked if I had ever wished I were dead
Because now your thoughts have been blurted out in question form
You might as well just say “I wish you were never born”

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