SJS ( / Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Twister's Sequel

Against a "savage," churning, churning sky,
A splash of brilliant, sequenced color.
Is it a Double I see?
Behold "a thing of beauty,"
seen quite rarely.
Noah's bows - twins identical.

But - what has gone before?
Are ever two alike?

Life snuffed out or maimed, animal and human;
In number - few or countless, dastardly,
In conditions - stared upon in shock.
Grotesque, mangled, broken, stiff/cold, charring perchance,

Property bashed to smithereens
By winds with twisted minds,
Slashing - out indiscriminately,
At dilapidated hut or shack,
Or latest palatial style.

Naught of nature left untouched;
Before it stole out, unobtrusively,
The rainbow!

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