Two Almost Forgotten Poets

How come George Sims and George Crabbe are not more famous there is a naturalness about their rhyme
They are amongst the literary forgotten they were not even famous in their time
And could it be they wrote for the poor only and of the poor
not many wish to read
The public heroes are the rich and famous and few wish to know of those who don't succeeed

At making a success of their existence for poor people they have no sympathy
And sad to think for the rich to grow richer so many have to live in poverty
And when the poets who write of the poor are overlooked of society values what can anyone say
That people only judge you to be successful if you are financially a winner that's how it is and it's always been that way.

George Crabbe gave to the World The Burough he was a literary great
And with the all time poets he is one you could justifiably rate
And George Sims gave us Kate Maloney, Nellie's Prayer as well as Billy's Rose
Two great poets long dead and almost forgotten but that's life I do suppose.

They could have written of the wealthy and the famous and of dashing knight or queen or king
But they were the poets of the poor and of the poor they chose to sing
Two long dead and almost forgotten poets though their verse still live today
But those who love poetry for poetry sake respect to their memory pay.

by Francis Duggan

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