Two Awesome Magpies!

Illustrious silver pearls
Adorn mid-heaven's scene
Baptising one and all
So that each stares serene.
The busy day slows to a crawl
As beauty casts its spell -
For this is such a sight,
Gold memories to tell!

The glistening dewdrops settle
To nestle on the trees,
Each shimmering in sunshine,
Swayed by a gentle breeze...
Now tiny spectrums beckon
The magpies to draw near,
As if to say God's jewels display
The finest colours here!

The magpies glide down to the fence,
Our garden bath to use!
Not one but two, penguins with wings,
They wash away their blues!
We watch enthralled as each one sips
The gift of life itself...
Elixir-like it satisfies
Bestowing newborn health...

They're comfortable together,
As if love forms a bond!
Then off they go with gratitude!
Across the roofs beyond!
Like angels soaring, flying free,
Defeating gravity!
To leave us sighing, smiling...
What an awesome sight to see!

by Denis Martindale

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