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As She Wails
ST (1941 / Jug Fork, Mississippi)

As She Wails


Into the deepest night flow
Sweet words of love and happiness!
I can lie very still,
With your arms around me,
Body content, longing satisfied.

You lie sleeping in my arms,
Secure in knowing
That I have loved you too.
I touch your sweet lips,
Remembering their hunger.

Two becoming one
In heart, soul, mind.
Touching, joining,
Holding the world outside,
Needing no more than our love.

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Comments (10)

In these days when the institution of marriage so fragile may the bonds love be strong enough to withstand the vicissitudes of life. I wish them a life time of happieness to Scarlett friend archie langford
Scarlett. A finely penned piece indeed. And thank you. I am the lucky one here.
What a thoughtful, tenderhearted homage to two of PH's finest from one terrific soul in her own right. This undoubtedly calls for celebration, so let's crack some cyberspace virtual champagne for the occasion. Warmest regards, Greg
SSS, a truly stunning, serene, atmospheric depiction of that moment when merged souls are content in each other, needing nothing but that. I am humbled by your dedication, and yes, tis a true reflection of feelings, which is why it works so wonderfully, for me, and for those lucky enough to feel like me... thank you both for the posting and for your kind words both here, and for so much more behing the posting of poems. t xxxx (PS - hmmn, wonder to whom I'll be sending this as an e-card? ! :))
This is a simply stated and lovingly portrayed tribute to two fine poets and beautiful souls who deserve the happiness you offer them so beautifully. Bless them and you. love, Allie xxxxxxxxx