SB (August 10,1990 / Port Angeles, WA)

Two Can'T Win

motionless...between going back and forth

pulled both ways taut like a rope

fingertips shake, pointing opposite ways

arms swing down, pitch is released

jolting forward, one, two, three

Freeze, watch carefully,

Taunts them, hovers like an ecstatic bird,
It's only flirting, watch out watch out

Delicately graceful, a choice is made

Dig, Dig, Dig.

Reality Check

One miss, one bobble, stumble, or fall

could be the end

of simply nothing at all

The ball is thrown

Two can't win

Lace comes untied, a stumble,

pickel! pickel! pickel!

to and fro both home and third

Determined minds

Pitcher blocks the plate

Descending fast the runner

challenges the pitcher

Two can't win

together they collide

You're Out! Shouts the umpire

One runner

represents the home team

betrayed again?

They halt, both

hurt and bleeding

Wait! ! ! !

a ball, sits alone

by homeplate

SAFE! calls the umpire

Home team wins the game

Twisted realization

if only this was the ending

to the perfect game that day

that's to simply

still in a pickel

running back and forth

endlessly from third to home

two people battle

if only both could win

i wish

but that's not how a game works

one wins, one loses

could there be a tie?

No, that'd be to perfect

Two can't win

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