Happy Birthday America

</>Happy Birthday America, tried and true;
235-years-old, but with precepts that keep you new-
Not enough say this, but 'I am so proud of You! ',
The colors that do not run-The Red, White And Blue!

The bastion of Freedom, sweet Lady Liberty,
Thank you for the Honor, that you give to me:
To be counted amongst those who may say,
'I was fortunate enough to be born in the U.S.A.! '

Sta young still, my dear, beloved friend-
You began a 'revolution', now do not let it end;
To Thine Own Self remain true,
Yet, also stay true to me, as I shall, to You!

Happy Birthday America, I wish you many more indeed-
Continue to shine as a beacon, for many more, in need!

-Maurice Harris,3 July 2011

by Maurice Harris

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Innocence of a child nicely captured. Good poem.
Is this poem on the public domain? Who owns the copyright of this poem at present?